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 1st. LEVEL MASTER, a. y. 2017-18

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Conservatorio "Arrigo Boito" 
University of Parma

In cooperation with:
Comune di Parma
Casa della Musica
Casa del Suono


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The seminar of Prof. Iñaki Estrada will be on 24.05.2018.

Old News:

The seminar of Prof. Daniel D'Adamo on 04.05.2018 was cancelled  for reasons of force majeure.

07.04.2018, Labirinti Sonori, international seminars and concerts on the relationship between creatity and new technologies, first event: Labirinti dell'immaginazione: Achim Bornhoeft, a day dedicated to the acousmatic music of the German composer at the Casa del Suono (free admission). 10,00 h Conference by Achim Bornhoeft (Mozarteum in Salzburg), 11,30 h Bannwald (soundscape project diffused in all ambisonics and wavefield systems, Casa del Suono),  15,00 h, ronde table on spatial composition (speakers: Achim Bornhoeft, Gabriele Manca, Dante Tanzi, Angelo Farina, Fabrizio Fanticini, Javier Torres Maldonado), 16:30 h, monographic concert. Links: Labirinti sonori brochure, introductory note to Bannwald (soundscape project), program notes.

Selection result for admission exams held on 12.12.2017 (link)

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Conservatory "Arrigo Boito" and University of Parma jointly organize during Academic Year 2017/2018 a 1st level Master in "Sound Technology and Music Composition"

The course is organized in partnership with the Casa della Musica service of Comune di Parma and will be held in the famous and ancient palazzo Cusani (P.le San Francesco 1, Parma), and in the adjacent labs of LABEL (Electroacoustics Laboratory) and of Casa del Suono

Academic Year 2017 / 2018

(1.500 HRS - 60 ECTS)



The First level 1-year Postgraduate Specialization in Sound Techonology and Music Composition is aimed at musicians, composers, graduates in Literary and Performing Arts, in Engineering or Computer Science, without age limits, and will be activated with a minimum of 8 candidates who meet the criteria to qualify for eligibility. Students will have the possibility to experiment advanced composition and rendering technologies based on “spatial audio” methods, such as two ambisonics 3D loudspeaker systems, one Stereo Dipole (binaural) system and one Wavefield Synthesis (WFS) system, equipped with 189 loudspeakers and 360-degrees video projection. And finally the Sonic Chandellier, a dome equipped with 226 loudspeakers which is probably the only spherical WFS installation in the world. 

The aim of the Master is to train composers, sound designers and artists working with sophisticated technology in the field of experimental music, as well as experts in electroacoustics and computer science capable of directing and staging of concerts and live performances, of designing recording studios and involved into the cycle of audio production (including the latest digital audio playback systems); Audio experts in the field of multimedia publishing; Experts in recording and cataloguing of sound sources; Sound engineers and engineers for radio and television studios, audio equipment, recording studios, concert performances.

In addition, students will be able to work with different ensembles "in residence": Ensemble Taller Sonoro (Sevilla), Trio Ànemos (Alessandra Rombolà -flutes-, Pilar Fontalba -oboe, English horn, baritone oboe-, Xelo Giner Antich -saxophones-), Ensemble Suono Condiviso and Contemporary Music Group of the Conservatory "A. Boito" of Parma, as well as with two soloists: Leonardo Bartali (viola) and Giampaolo Nuti (piano).


- Composers and artists experienced in the application of new technologies to music creation and "sound design".

- Composers experienced in "acousmatic" music.

- Experts in sound recording and post-production.

- Experts in Media Audio Technologies.

- Computer musician (realisateur informatique musicale).

- Tonmeisters, sound designers for architectural and outdoor environments.

- Audio experts in multimedia publishing

- Sound engineers and designers for radio and television studios as well as for audio equipment, recording studios, concert performances.

- Experts in storing, archiving, cataloguing and restoring sound sources.


Postgraduate Specialization will be activated with a minimum of 8 candidates who meet the criteria to qualify for eligibility.

In order to access the selection, candidates must be in possess of one of the following qualifications:

- Diploma accademico di Primo Livello (Bachelor Degree, EQF 6), or traditional Diploma from an Italian Conservatorio (Previgente Ordinamento);

- Laurea triennale (Academic Master degree, EQF 6);

- Equivalent diploma (EQF 6) awarded by foreing institution;

Simultaneous enrollment for the same academic year to other AFAM courses is not allowed.


Achim Bornhoeft, Mozarteum, Salzburg

Karlheinz Essl, Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien

Daniel D’Adamo, Conservatoire de Strasbourg

Christophe Desjardins, Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Lyon, France.

Maurizio Grandinetti, Conservatorio “G. Verdi”, Como

Patricia Alessandrini, Goldsmiths, University of London

Iñaki Estrada, Conservatorio Superiore di Musica di Salamanca

Gianvincenzo Cresta, composer


GRAME - Centre National de Création Musicale, Lyon

INA - GRM, Paris


Ensemble Taller Sonoro, Sevilla

Trio Ànemos (Alessandra Rombolà, Pilar Fontalba, Xelo Giner)

Ensemble Suono Condiviso del Conservatorio “A. Boito” di Parma

Gruppo di Musica contemporanea del Conservatorio “A. Boito” di Parma


Leonardo Bartali (Viola)

Giampaolo Nuti (Piano)


The admission request must be filed before 13.11.2017;

Selection of participants will occur on Monday 11.12.2017.


The admission request must be filed before 13.11.2017 (send the application to Ms. Elisa Cutolo, Conservatory "A. Boito" Student Office):


Selection of participants will occur on Monday 11.12.2017.


COORDINATOR: Prof. Javier Torres Maldonado

TUTOR: Prof. Angelo Farina



to be paid together with the application

Via del Conservatorio, 27/a – 43100 Parma
tel. +39 0521 381911, fax. +39 0521 200398


yearly fee for the Postgraduate Specialization program
divided into two installments: €1.875,00 payment is due upon enrollment,
whereas € 625,00 must be paid by June 30th, 2018.

Payment must be made through bank deposit to Conservatorio di musica “A. Boito” - Parma, IBAN

IT44O0623012700000074997550 - BIC/SWIFT: CRPPIT2P452


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